Amin Bayatpour

 Amin Bayatpour has been one of the master’s students in the design lab since September 2022. He has participated in different projects as a data scientist and backend developer to implement and develop systems and software using Python and its frameworks (NumPy, Keras, Sklearn, Matplotlib, Django). Based on his background, he is a member of the Creative Computing team, working on developing and improving the existing rule-based software for generating the ROM to achieve a more accurate result.

Nakisa Torkamanrahmani

Nakisa Torkamanrahmani’s journey as a Master’s student in the Design Lab began in May 2022. She holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering, as well as strong knowledge of object-oriented programming. Based on her background and research interests, she is assigned to multiple cognitive science and neuroscience projects. Additionally, she is building software to analyze EEG signals using her programming talents. She is an expert programmer in Java and Python.