Change By Design

The mission of the design lab is to improve design quality, to shorten design time, and to enhance design education by developing design tools for innovative product development.

Our Research

We aim to catalyze positive changes through effective and creative design.

From groundbreaking devices to visionary policies, our scope encompasses a wide array of design domains, including algorithms, software systems, process models, and behavior interventions.

Fueling these endeavors are the cutting-edge design tools we’ve meticulously researched and developed. These tools, ranging from Environment-Based Design (EBD) methodology to AI-centered algorithms and computer-assisted design software, empower us to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Central to our approach is the science of design, which unravel the orders behind design activities using mathematical, computational and neurocognitive experimental approaches.

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Whether you’re an industrial partner seeking to revolutionize your products, an academic researcher eager to collaborate on groundbreaking projects, or a prospective graduate student passionate about shaping the future through design, our lab offers a vibrant ecosystem where bold ideas thrive and meaningful impact is realized. Together, let’s design a brighter tomorrow.

APRIL 04, 2024
Master thesis defense
Jiami Yang, TASKS framework for personalized behavior barriers
MARCH 19, 2024
New publication
Environment-driven evolution analysis of a product: A case study of braking system evolution
FEBURARY 14, 2024
New project
Shaping habits through creative design: New project on Behavior Design to foster collaboration in the construction industry
FEBURARY 01, 2024
New publication
Loosely controlled experimental EEG datasets for higher-order cognitions in design and creativity tasks